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Multi-System Recovery Kits for lengths up to 22,5 at 3.2tons of pulling / hoisting force.
If every single gram of weight is crucial! No tools required!

With as low as 21kg (including everything!) you have merely one-third of the weight of a classic wire-rope-winch - added by unsurpassed flexibility!



The new Hog-Trailer 2 has some thrilling new variants and features:

  • Hog-Trailer© chassis
  • Hog-Trailer© pickup
  • Hog-Trailer© dumper
  • Hog-Trailer© transport
  • Hog-Trailer© Utility
  • Hog-Trailer© solid

All variants are Made in Germany to satisfy all of your requirements for a durable, rugged and long living trailer.

Further information can be found HERE.

The new PTO for Toyota J4 / J6 / J7 transfer cases is available from stock!

Since original parts - even used - are no longer available we decided to design a new PTO for Toyota vehicles. The unit fits 6-bolt flanges with symmetrical bolt pattern.

Available for standard hydraulic pump flanges UNI-3-bolt, ISO-4-bolt and driveshaft flanges for mech. winches. Clutch can be operated mechanically, via vacuum or pressurized air!

We do design custom PTOs and gearboxes of any kind - please send us your RFQ.


Enhanced LandRover & Toyota PTO and Hydraulic Systems product line!

  • Power up to 65kW
  • mechanical and air-operated PTO clutch
  • Inline or offset PTO gearboxes

Additionally we have acomplete line of Split-Shaft-PTOs for universal use in vehicles and ships.
Furthermore basic system calculation for hydraulic machinery can be done with our Spreadsheet.

We have included a complete product line of firearms acccessories and mounts for hunting and recreational shooting:

  • CAA Tactical
  • FAB Defense

as well as moving target systems from BlinkTroll



We design, develop, produce and deliver for professional use:

  • Hydraulic systems, vehicle power systems, power supplies, machinery, aggregates, pneumatic systems, carrier systems, bumpers, ...
  • for Toyota, LandRover, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Jeep, 4x4, Trucks, ATV, Quad, ...
  • for Building and Drilling Equipment, Commercial Usage, Construction,Ships & Marine applications, Service Vehicles, Rallye, Trial, Foresting, Mining, Hobby, ...

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We accept only and deliver only business to business. All customers declare to be - or act on behalf a business or company. All prices stated in EURO unless otherwise noted, plus 19% German VAT. Please note our Common Terms of Business as published HERE.

We don't source from China. Our products are made in Europe or partially in the U.S.