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Gearboxes, Transfer Cases and Hydrostatic Drives

Hydrostatic Drives

For universal drivetrain concepts in the agricultural and utility industry we have a range of fully-integrated Hydrostatic Drives up to 44kW / 156Nm.

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Technical Details:

  • Input REVS: 3000RpM
  • Ouput REVS: -3000 ... +3000RpM
  • Models up to 44kW / 156Nm
  • Continuous variable transmission, fully reversable

Please download the full catalogue with technical specifiactions HERE.

Transfer Cases and Offset Gearboxes

We can offer a broad selection of 4x4 and Utility Vehicle Gearboxes.

Example: Universal Transfer Case 4x4 Type 302:

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Technical Details:

  • 4WD transfer case 4x4 up to 5to vehicle weight
  • power connections via drive flanges
  • full-time 4WD including center diff
  • center diff-lock
  • High- and Low-range including Neutral
  • PTO flange
  • Everything controlled pneumatically with feedback sensors
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Example Offset-Gearbox
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Technical Details:

  • Offset 270mm
  • Reductions possible 1:1 / 1.2 / 1.7 / 2.0 / 2.41 / 2.91 / 3.51
  • Rated power 50kW at 1000RPM
  • 477Nm rated torque
  • Weight 43kg

Please contact us with your problem so we can find a solution for you.