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This section covers products and equipment for outdoor, camping and recreational use we did design on our own.

All of the products basically originate in a lack of availability elsewhere in the market. So we did design them on our own to get what we expect regarding material, quality, flexibility and design.

Note: many pictures are from the prototype which has suffered extensive testing, chenges and rework to improve several options. Nevermind, we do the testing, you just enjoy.

  Modularer Outdoor-Stove, Cooker, Barbeque and Smoker& Smoker Price

This unit we're mostproud of:

What wehave here is a Deluxe all stainless-steel outdoor-stove and oven - a sophisticated combination of Hobo-stove, cooker, oven, barbeque, smoker, boiler and heater.

This system can be handled without any tools and being configured fast and easy. Material is solely INOX steel, TIG welded!

This sophisticated design is purely functional, handy, versatile and optical appelaing. You will find a lot of remarkable detail solutions. It's up to you to select the parts suitable for your personal application - from a simple Hobo-stove up to a allround BBQ and baking oven anything is possible!

Suitable fuels cover almost any burning solid like

  • Wood (with the Burn-All-settop also wet and fresh cut wood)
  • Charcoal and Charcoal-bricks
  • Briqeutts, Bown Coal and Black Coal
  • Bark, Chipped Wood, Limbs, Paper a.s.o.

Note: many pictures are made from our prototype which suffered lots of rework, testing and modifications along with some missions.

  Package, complete  
Pckage, complete

This is the complete starter's package - consist of Stove-Base, Burner and Chimney plus additionally:

  • pair of protective gloves
  • pliers
  • wire brush
  • hammer
  • transportation and storage bag

This package gives you an overall saving of 65,-EUR plus an extra set of tools and a handy carrying bag!

290,-EUR net.
  System Components  

Base and center of the system. This is in itself already a complete stove, barbecue and oven. The Stove-Base consists of:

  • Stove and cooking unit ( approx. 13cm dia, 30cm heigh) including ash grating
  • 4-way air control (closed, upper / lower air, both)
  • ash tray with handle
  • massive earth pike (approx. 25cm) to stabilize the system against jerking and tipping
  • grill grating with handle and standoff

The following components (except the Stove-BBQ) require the Stoive-Base.

190,-EUR net.

This is our burn-all Stove-Burner addon of ~60cm height. By providing an additional huge burning compartment this unit allows you to have wet or freshly cut wood to be used with your stove.
Also suitable as heater with a long burntime w/o need to add wood frequently. Added fuel simply slides down as needed.
To prepare a barbeque if only wet wood is available simply fill the burner up to top and open the air control to max.

80,-EUR net.

Chimney and smoke eliminator - addon of ~70cm height and ~6cm dia. Improves the fire draught massively of either the Base or the Burner.
Additionally danger of sparks exiting the stove is drastically reduced. This unit allows you to use the unit in more fire endangered are4as like woods or similar (check before you act!).
Refuelling the fire is performed simply by throwing small bricks or branches through the chimney.

Recommended for wet or freshly cut wood.

85,-EUR net.
  System Components Deluxe  
Stove-BBQ Large BBQ and Cooking settop unit, 25cm diameter, removable grating with handlebar and standoff. Integrated ash grating.
This unit can be operated independently without Stove-Base!
165,-EUR net.

Size identical to stove-Buner. This unit features an integrated Water Boiler of 1.5l contents!
Operated with cock and filler cap this one provides ot water all the time.
Pressure-proof, easily removable for maintenance or cleaning.

210,-EUR net.

This is a deluxa addon for fishing, outdoor, camping and journeys!
Resting on an elegant bipod swivel-base this unit presents a hot smoker and BBQ-drum including Oven of 30cm diameter and 50cm length, powered by the Stove-Base.
In the drum you have a removable grating of 30x50cm carrying fish or meat. Smoke and heat traverse your food horizontally.
Access via a side lid with handle.
To refuel the Stove-Base simply turn the smoker away and add some wood.
The Stove-Chimney adds on top to improve the fire draft.

490,-EUR net.

This is the Oven-Insert for the Smoker:
By exchanging the lid with a backing oven of 25cm dia and 45cm length. Via an extra lid the oven is easily accessible.
An integrated thermometer allows for checking the interior temperature.
This unit is most suitable for food or backery which shall not get in contact with smoke.

450,-EUR net.



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