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Description ERA-TAC mounts and accessories Price, Conditions


The ERA-TAC tactical mounts are of the finest craftsmanship.

We use these mounts for years now due to their ruggedness and reproducability of aim after removal-refitting.
We are mixing five types of optical sights, rifle scopes and target indicators with several firearms, ranging from pistol over semi-autos to shotgun with no issues in precision.
Especially when dealing with fixed-mounted weapon systems for penetration and ballistic testing repeatability is paramount.

Please send us your enquiry. We'd like to assisst you in finding your perfect solution!


Description RONI Pistol Carbine Kit Price, Conditions


The RONI Pistol-Carbine conversion kit provides you a better grip, stability & 4-rail Picatinny platform for many accessories. Now you can use your pistol for a greater range, faster aiming and better accuracy.

Video is (c) and courtesy of CAA tactical.

Available for following pistols:

  • Glock
  • Beretta FS92 und PX4
  • H&K USP9/.40
  • SIG 226
  • Springflied XD
  • CZ Duty 07
  • Jericho
  • Bul Cherokee
  • Bersa Thunder 9 & 40

Add-ons are brass catcher, single- or dual-point sling as well as a handy carrying-case.

400,-EUR net.

  CAA & FAB defense Accessories and Tactical Equipment


CAA and FAB supply products out of the following product lines:

  • Grip systems
  • Rail systems
  • Magazines (Countdown, Indicator, Standard)
  • Buttstocks & tubes
  • Bipod systems
  • Sights
  • Light mounts with railed belt-lock
  • Knives

These products are available for the following firearms:

  • AR-15 / M16 / M4
  • AK-47 and -74
  • MP5
  • G3 and G36
  • Remington 870 and Mossberg 500
  • Glock and several other pistols
  • Galil, Uzi, Dragunov etc.


  *We don't deliver any parts that require special permits or are prohibited by German law. If you are interested in firearms or ammunition please contact our associate firearms dealer, Rothe Firearms, Germany.  
Orders, questions and commments please via Mail.